Low Country Boils

Low Country Boils are a tradition carried out through the coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina all the way to Louisiana. There is absolutely nothing more fun for a gathering of friends than to have a Low Country Boil. This is a meal that is best served and eaten outdoors. The boil starts out with a large pot of water with added spices for flavor. Then we throw in vegetables such as potatoes, corn, artichokes, and onions. We top it off by mixing in some smoked sausage and finish with your favorite shellfish or seafood. Crawdad, shrimp, crab and lobster are among the most popular requests for the Low Country Boil. To serve it up, we’ll cover a large picnic table with newspaper and pour the entire pot across the table top. Get your bib on and prepare to dig in. A side of hushpuppies is highly recommended.

Something Fun for the Kids: With the crawdad boil, Bubba will arrive with a cooler full of live crawdads. Before having to pot them up for the boil, a few will be chosen to keep in order to have Crawdad Races using Bubba’s custom built crawdad racetrack.